Sunday 15 May 2011

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Electronic Bike Running Well

Electric bikes are pretty simple when it comes to maintenance and if something does go wrong, repairs are greatly simplified. Our cars today have have so many complicated stuff that  it is so hard to pinpoint an exact root of the problem if one suddenly has a little trouble. See folding bikes. There can be a lot of money saved however when it comes to electric bikes since they practically symbolize easy repair and maintenance.

My top three tips to maintaining a smoothly running electric bike There is a lot more to learn about keeping your electric bike at bay well, for the sake of safety, please read on.

First above all, you have to double check that all your batteries are packed and safe. Even if some batteries are drained completely, you can still revive it but it is wise not to wait until that happens. You should always recharge your batteries everytime. When you are either at work or stopped somewhere, charge those batteries the soonest possible time.Because they understand the economics, most of the store managers or owners permit people to recharge their electric bike's batteries for free.

The second tip is to ensure your electric bike's chain is lubricated with a decent bike chain lubricant.This will help keep rust away and ensure the smooth operation of your electric bike as well as get rid of all unwanted squeaks and sounds. Merely put on the lubricant to the bike's chain and permit it to sit a few minutes to saturate and loosen any rust before you wipe it off with a rag. You would need a degrease to get rid of all the collected dirt on the chain eventually. If they are not removed, they could wear out your chain faster.I'll be making a video presentation about this soon.

Finally, the last tip is to constantly maintain the air pressure on your tires.This maximizes energy transfer efficiency and provide a smooth flat free riding experience. See also Brompton. If you have a too low tire pressure, it will be more difficult to pedal and the chances of a pinch flat which is caused by  the inner tube being pinched between a hard obstacle and the tire rim. Too high a pressure however, will result to a lot of sharp jolts to your body.

For an electric bike that cruises around town with an average weight rider, I recommend 50 psi. It would be 40-45 psi for a lighter rider and 55-60 psi for a heavier rider.

I did a video on maintaining the correct air pressure for your bike tires. You might want to check that out too.The two different types of bike tube valves are covered there as well.

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